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Why is Spring the best time to replace your Windows & Doors?

Why is Spring the best time to replace your Windows & Doors?

As spring has officially sprung, you may now start looking for new home improvements that could be done in your home. 

For those joining the trend of “Don’t move, Improve”, the milder weather now presents an ideal opportunity to plan for replacement windows and doors.

While these upgrades can be done at any time of the year, scheduling the job now ensures readiness as the weather has improved.

Here at Flair Windows, we provide high-quality doors and windows, and our team of professionals are here to help you prepare for a warmer, brighter spring with your next home improvement project!

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Repairing VS Replacing 

When it comes to window maintenance, the decision between repair and replacement requires careful consideration. Initially, you might lean towards repairing your windows, but it’s crucial to recognise that certain repairs may only offer temporary solutions.

Repairs might suffice in the short term for minor issues like small cracks, sluggish window movement, or superficial damage to the exterior casing. However, if you’re dealing with more severe issues such as water leakage, persistent condensation, or significant structural damage, opting for window replacement becomes imperative.

While short-term repairs may seem cost-effective initially, they could be more expensive in the long run. Therefore, it’s essential to evaluate the pros and cons of both options before making a decision. Whether you choose to repair or replace your windows, ensuring the long-term integrity and efficiency of your home should be the priority.

What are the Benefits of Replacing Windows & Doors in Spring?

  1. Preferred Scheduling: Spring allows for greater flexibility in scheduling the work. At Flair Windows, you can quickly speak to one of our friendly members who can ensure your windows or doors replacement project is done on dates that suit you best, whether it’s around bank holidays or weekends. 

2.Optimal Light & Moisture Levels: Spring provides better conditions for the installation process. Unlike the wetter days of autumn, spring offers drier conditions and longer daylight hours, which are ideal for replacing windows and doors.

3.Improved Comfort: Undertaking window replacements during warmer weather like this minimises the entry of chilly drafts into your home. This means you won’t have to constantly heat the space, saving you money on energy bills.

4.Material Considerations: Certain materials, such as aluminium and vinyl, expand in warmer temperatures and contract in cooler ones. Spring’s moderate temperatures help prevent issues like caulk splitting or cracking during installation, ensuring a more durable and effective seal.

5. Enjoyment of New Windows: With the arrival of spring and summer, you’ll want to enjoy your new windows and doors fully. Properly functioning windows allow you to let in fresh air and admire your blossoming garden, enhancing your overall living experience.

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Replacement Window & Door Prices 

Flair Windows is your go-to destination for double glazing expertise, catering to the needs of customers in Sutton Coldfield. 

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your windows or doors, spring is the perfect time to embark on your home improvement journey.

Contact us today to discuss your window and door replacement needs or use our quoting engine to get a bespoke quote. Let us help you enhance the comfort, efficiency, and beauty of your home.

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