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A concept that has been perfected to preserve the natural resources by working in 3 convergent directions:

• Ensuring the ongoing improvement of the window system’s performance providing thermal insulation which reduces on energy consumption and improves sound insulation.

• Recycling the basic raw materials (PVC-u, glass and steel) by reusing them in the production cycle –thus improving efficiency by using less raw materials and energy.

• Optimising the use of raw material components; the end product is more refined which ensures longevity and increases the life-span of the PVC profiles.

Partners of the initiative dispose of

off-cuts and other profile waste in allocated onsite cages.

Once the cages are full they are collected by Recycline lorries.

The lorries then transport the waste to Penfold Plastics where the PVC-u and rubber is ground into granules.

The granules are then put through a machaine to separate the PVC-u granules from the rubber.

PVC-u granules are then transported back to Germany to be reprocessed into PVC-u.

At Flair we take environmental issues seriously and believe it our duty to protect the planet. We only select suppliers and materials that follow our ethos.

Kommerling have been sensitive to the environment for many years and that includes their unique greenline, lead free compound, that’s inherent in all of our window and door systems.

They also operate Recycline, a process of collecting any scrap UPVC materials from customers for recycling. This includes old first generation UPVC windows that we are replacing, right across the UK.

Products such as SWISSPACER and PLANIBEL A mean lower heat requirements through better insulation and maximising solar energy. This benefits the environment in several ways. There is no need to extract, transport, supply and process additional energy, this not only saves resources but also decreases the level of CO2 emissions in the environment.

Our composite doors from Solidor are 100% recyclable, all timber that is used is harvested from sustainable sources and complies with FSC regulations. These doors are manufactured in the UK minimising the carbon footprint. They are lead free and designed with a thermally efficient enforcing system.

Kömmerling is carrying the green issue even further as it continually strives to offer products of an exceptional quality whilst at the same time honouring its responsibility as a market leader to protect our environment.

The Kommerling system has long-lasting plastic profiles that have been stabilised using environmentally friendly calcium-zinc and have an extremely low maintenance requirement. In contrast to wooden profiles, they never need painting.